Psalm 6:9 NASB The LORD has heard my supplication, The LORD receives my prayer.

Please pray for the following needs . . .

Pastor Powell & family

Cornerstone Community Church

EFCER Missionaries

Eoin B. - For more information, see:  Eoin is a Fighter

Paul R.

Danny K.

Bessie C.

Jessica R.

T.J. G.

Pam J.

Betty I.

Chandi H.

Renee L.

Jessie A.

Mark D.

Barbara W.

Donna P.

Gail C.

Amanda W.

Tricia HY.

John S.

Carol S.

Carla & Mary Ellen R.

Randy H.

Keith F.

Larry H.

Shirley P. and family

Ernest S.

Judy & Johnny H.

Fred C.

Alice B.

Melvin W.

Patty S.

Harry R.

Deanna G.

Sandra S.

Paul K.

Benny A.

Mildred W.

Elizabeth M.

James W.

Brenda K.

Lisa T.

Rodney M.

Gary C.

Darlene C.

Jamie T.

Chris F.

Jerry H.

Jimmy D.

Thomas S.

Jackie J.

Bill M.

Tommy P.

Bill T.

Larry M.

Tommy G.

Brian B.

Doreen A.

Serenty H.

Sue H.